toro stump grinder

Toro Stump Grinder Models

Toro’s line of stump grinders are built to handle the toughest stumps with ease.  These commercial grade tracked and wheel grinders are built for day to day productivity and designed with simple controls allowing new users to become experts quickly.  Each Toro tracked stump grinder model is less than 3 foot wide allowing the grinder to slip in and out of 36 inch gates that are found all over Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland.  All Toro stump grinders are built with quality heavy duty parts to support the day to day use by tree companies and landscapers alike.

The Toro STX 26 and STX 38 stump grinders use tracks instead of wheels.  A tracked stumpgrinder allows the grinder to move easier on the ground while eliminating flat tires and tire ruts.  In addition tracked machines are better in wet areas and give more stability on hills.  The Toro STX 26 and 38 grinders also feature intelli-sweep which automatically changes cutter head sweep speed depending on cutter head load.  This feature gives the grinder more efficient stump cutting and a reduction in sudden engine stoppage due to cutting overload.  These grinders use a hydraulic motor to drive the cutting head instead of expensive pulley and belt systems of the past.  All the Toro stump grinders use green teeth which allow the grinder to shear wood smoothly instead of shredding for faster stump cutting.  Green teeth also have 3 cutting surfaces giving each tooth increased life.  

There are three different Toro stump grinders to choose from.  Search below for more information on each or call Trey Willis at 703 919 5291 to check pricing and availability.  Let us at E and S Equipment become your Toro tracked stump grinder dealer.  Our office is located in Northern Virginia in Manassas.

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