toro tracked walk behind trencher

Toro TRX Tracked Walk Behind Trencher

Trenching just got easier with the Toro TRX tracked walk behind trencher.  The track drive system on these machines provide excellent flotation on grass surfaces minimizing turf damage on customer lawns.  All Toro walk behind trenchers are less than 34 inches wide making getting in to narrow places a breeze.  Toro’s track system provides a low center of gravity, outstanding maneuverability and superior traction in wet, dirt and sandy ground conditions.  Additionally, Toro TRX trenchers are very stable on side hills and are able to cross trench effectively.   

Using the Toro TRX tracked walk behind trencher is simple.   Operators can use one hand to drive the trencher backwards while using the other hand to adjust the trencher cutting boom up and down.  The Toro TRX trenchers are built with three independent hydraulic pumps.  Two hydraulic drive pumps power the hydraulic drive motors and the gear pump powers the boom lift/drop and the chain cutting spin.  This gives the trencher big power in tough trenching conditions.  The two larger model trenchers feature intelli-trench which automatically diverts hydraulic flow from the traction motors to the trencher head when more trenching torque is needed.  These units are the ultimate machine for getting ditches cut quickly and with minimal effort.  

There are plenty of choices in customizing the Toro trencher to suit your needs.  Boom models with a maximum depth of cut of 2 foot, 3 foot and 4 foot are available as well as cutting width sizes of 4 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches.  The Toro TRX trencher chains are also available in soil teeth, rock teeth, and soil with rock teeth configurations.  Toro also offers a bore head, push blade and a custom trailer to add to your trencher for additional abilities and convenience.  Below are more details on each model of the Toro TRX tracked walk behind trencher.  Give Trey Willis a call at 703 919 5291 for pricing and availability of your next trencher.  We are your local dealer and our office is located in Northern Virginia.

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