toro mud buggy dealer

Toro Mud Buggy in Virginia and Maryland

Toro mud buggies are designed to bring productivity to the job site.  These buggies are commonly used to haul dirt, move and dump concrete and move materials around the job quickly.  These machines can carry up to 2500 pounds with a 16 cubic foot tub that is made of easy to clean polyethylene.  The Toro concrete buggies are manufactured with a patented fold up ride on platform that allows the operator to ride on the machine or fold the platform up and walk behind the buggy if the terrain is rough.  

Toro concrete buggies are built with comfort and control in mind.  The forward and reverse controls are mounted on the handlebars for ease of use.  A dual action dump foot pedal activates the fully hydraulic dump feature allowing the operator to keep their hands on the handle bars.  A patented over sized brake pedal is easy to locate and activate for safer operation.  Toro currently offers 2 models of concrete mixers: The MB-1600 wheeled buggy and the MB TX 2500 tracked buggy.

The Toro MB-1600 wheeled mud buggy comes with foam filled tires that are great on rough terrain and eliminate down time because of flats.  The MB-1600 comes with a patented quick disconnect tire system allowing for easy and fast removal of the dual outside tire to make the machine narrow at 34 inches wide.  This buggy can travel speeds up to 7 miles per hour, weights 1,370 pounds and is powered by a Honda gas GX 390 engine.

The Toro MB TX 2500 tracked buggy comes standard with tracks which are better in muddy situations.  The TX 2500 comes has an auto return dump feature which automatically returns the tub back to the resting position after dumping.  The Toro MB TX 2500 mud buggy is powered by a 25 horsepower Kohler gasoline engine,  weights 1575 pounds and can travel up to speeds of 6 miles per hour in forward and 3 miles per hour in reverse.  Give Trey Willis a call at 703 919 5291 for more information about the Toro mud buggies.