toro mortar mixer virginia

Toro Ultramix Mortar Mixer in Northern Virginia and Maryland

Toro mortar mixers are best tow-able mixers on the market today.  Our company sells these Toro mortar mixer in Virginia, DC and Maryland.  These are the predessors of the Stone mixers that were know to be of superior build and efficient.  The Toro mortar mixers are available in 6, 8 and 12 cubic foot mixing capacities to suit your needs.  These mixers are also available with a gas or electric powered engine as well as a metal or poly (plastic) mixing drum.  The axle of this mixer can be retracted making the mixer skinnier to get into hard to access areas.

The Toro ultramix mortar mixers feature a patented paddle design that mixes horizontally and in a circular motion for a complete mix.  The drum and paddles are designed to eliminate dead zones for a thourough mix.  The strengthened paddle rubber has two layers on fabric woven into the rubber to minimize tearing and extending paddle life.  The drum sealing systems uses 4 long life seals at both ends to prevent leakage and premature bearing breakdown.  The whole mixer is superiorly constructed for a long lasting mixer unlike many cheaply made mixers on the market today.

Using the Toro mortar mixer is easy.  A lever is engaged to start the mixing process once the engine is turned on.  A bag splitter is welded to the top grate making getting mortar into the mixer more convienent.  After mixing is complete the operator uses the solid steel dump handle to pour the mix out of the drum while the grate automatically moves out of the way.  The cowl opens up out of the way to expose the engine for easy engine starting, engine fueling and engine maintenance.  

Toro offers many different models of mortar mixers.  Click below to see the specifications of each Toro mortar mixer or call Trey Willis at 703 919 5291 for pricing and availability.   The Toro mortar mixer models we have in stock are located in Northern Virginia in the city of Manassas.

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