Toro Dingo Dealer in Northern Virginia

We are your local Toro Dingo dealer!  The Toro Dingo line of mini skid steers is the perfect addition for contractors in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland.  These machines get big lifting and hydraulic power into areas that other machines cannot access.  The Toro Dingo tracked models come in 2 different widths; narrow and wide.  The narrow track dingos are 34 inches wide and are a great choice for contractors that spend a lot of time going in and out of 36″ gates.  The wide track dingos are 41 inches wide and are known for doing the least amount of turf damage possible to existing landscapes.  Additionally the wide track machines are more stable on hills, are better in muddy situations and are better diggers into virgin soil.

The Toro Dingo is the perfect piece of equipment for our landscaping and construction contractors here in Northern Virginia.  The dingo is compact so it gets in the narrow gates and tight areas found all over our area.  The light footprint of this machine allows contractors to get in and out of a customers yard with little lawn disturbance.  The Toro Dingo gets the job done faster, with less labor cost and keeps your existing employees healthier with the reduction of the back breaking work.

The Toro Dingo is a versatile machine with many different attachments available for it.  Augering, earth moving, tilling, trenching, lifting, hauling and demolishing are all made much easier and quicker with the dingo.  Learning how to use a dingo is simple.  Patented drive handles and quick hook up hydraulics turn a new user into an efficient operator in no time.  

There are currently 8 different Toro Dingo models to choose from.  We are your local dealer in Manassas Virginia.  Come visit our showroom to see the models we have in stock.

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